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Your Expert Option for Stucco in Halifax

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Halifax Stucco Experts


Making a change to your home is a big decision. Whether you want to improves it’s look or make it more functional and efficient, Nova Insulation & Finish Systems has a solution for you. We use a variety of top quality building materials and products to enhance the curb appeal of your home and make it more energy efficient – two importance factors in helping to increase your homes overall value and get a better ROI.


One of our main areas of expertise is Stucco installation. We also offer EIFS, which is commonly referred to as modern stucco. Stucco has been used as a building material for hundreds of years because of the many benefits it offers. It’s diverse and can be used on almost any type of building application – a main reason why it is so widely used in the home building industry.


Benefits of using Stucco


If you are considering making a change to the exterior of your home, there are many benefits to choosing to use Stucco for the exterior of your home. Some of the biggest benefits include the following:


  • It is very durable – it will last longer than many other building products, including siding, wood, and vinyl
  • It can handle extreme temperature changes – making it ideal for regions with big changes in weather throughout the year
  • Stucco is very efficient for energy efficiency – This will help you better regulate the temperature in your home all year round
  • Stucco is maintenance free – it never needs to be painted
  • It is fire resistance
  • Many insurance companies offer insurance premium discounts for home that use stucco.
  • Installing stucco will add to the overall value of your home
  • It is mold and mildew resistant


These are only some of the many benefits associated with using stucco in Halifax. If you would like to learn more about how stucco can benefit your home, give us a call anytime to set up a consultation.


One of the Few Residential Stucco Contractors in Nova Scotia


Since 2006, we have taken pride in offering cost effective and top quality work to our clients in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While we offer commercial services, we are also one of the few residential stucco contractors in the province. For this any many other reasons, our customers continue to choose us for all their Stucco needs, including:


  • We do residential and commercial work
  • Spray foam application is our specialty
  • We offer a variety of cost effective pricing options
  • We are also a stucco contractor
  • We only work with top quality suppliers
  • We are Better Business Bureau Accredited
  • High quality customer service is always guaranteed
  • We specialize in providing Stucco and EIFS services in Halifax


Call for Free Estimate


Whether you want to improve the look of the exterior of your home or want to make it more energy efficient, please give us a call to talking about your project and pricing options and to get a free estimate. We look forward to doing business with you!


Learn more about your options for Stucco in Halifax by visiting www.nifs.ca or by calling us at 902-825-8292.

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