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EIFS has been around for about 40 years and was originally developed in Germany. Here in Nova Scotia it is the architect's favourite especially for retail buildings, restaurants and many other commercial buildings. Equally versatile on homes, modern stucco lends itself easily to elegant designs with abundant architectural details and infinite colour schemes. There are also several different textures to choose from. EIFS is one of the most weather proof sidings out there today. It is an excellent rain screen and air barrier with dual barrier systems being the norm. Because insulation is a major component of the system, there is little chance of condensation developing behind it as is common with many other sidings.

We use Dryvit, DuRock, Adex, Driangle and Canamould.



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At Nova Insulation & Finish System Ltd., we specialize in providing Stucco and EIFS services in Halifax. Contact us for a free quote! Please visit us again at nifs.ca for more information about our services.